TZVECL The front line of eyecare practice management. Investing in Eyecare Eyecare operations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Colorado People, Process, Service Our formula to partner with seasoned eyecare professional to unlock value, improve performance and results.

Welcome to TZVECL

We are an eye care company owned and managed by independent doctors of Optometry.  We are currently acquiring eyecare practices in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado.  Our team is comprised of seasoned business and medical professionals that are solely focused on the eyecare industry.

With every acquisition, we know how crucial each local market is to our customers and our business.  While we invest in the technology to improve the level of service to our customers, we also invest in our people, practices and the neighborhoods that support our practices.

We have over 3 generations of eyecare experience focus on acquisition, management, and growth.  We share this experience with all of our partners to maximize customer experience, service levels, and operational excellence.

Sophisticated Patient-Centric Eye Care; locally managed, regionally connected

Partners, Process and Products.

Our success is based on providing a sophisticated approach to local eye care.  Our team consists of industry professionals, business people, and staff that are consumer-centric, entrepreneurial and creative.  We are very selective about who we work with, which markets we enter and which practices we acquire.  We leverage our buying power, technology and systems to create an efficient, profitable and seamless platform that supports our medical team, staff, and consumers.

With every Doctor, we partner with we are acutely aware that “You” are the brand. You have spent many years cultivating patients, your practice and your team.  This is why we are interested in partnering with you to provide continuity for your patients, your team and your associates.

With each acquisition, our approach to practice management is to minimize any disruption to your business and our proven track record of patient-centric transitions is the result of the distillation of our process after converting dozens of practices.  By providing “boots on the ground” support to ensure your business transitions smoothly and your patients are kept at the center of the practice universe.

Our Core Values

Our business is fueled by our culture, which stems from 5 CORE Values:

1. Patient First: Self explanatory, ALWAYS take care of the patient, 1st.

2. Growth Oriented: Company AND Team:  Help the company grow, thoughtfully with individual contributions of enthusiastic energy.  Recognize and manage risk, and treat every day as an opportunity to focus on results. Be hungry and agile.

3. Respect: Respect your team members in your words and your actions.

4. Bring Caffeine and a GOOD Attitude: Life is short, be the best you can be.  Don’t let life outrun you and remember that your positive attitude is contagious and inviting to patients.

5. Swim Like a Duck: While you may be working feverishly “under the surface of the water” amidst a frequently frenetic practice environment, outwardly remain calm and NEVER let patients see it.


Please view our growing practice list.  We now have operations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Colorado. Each practice is well established and a leader in the neighboorhood.


We are growing and hiring.

If you are looking to join our growing team and happy family or eyecare practices please let us know.   We are growing in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Colorado and we are looking for  talented people to join us.


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      TZVECL provides a thoughtful alternative for Optometrists looking to move into the next phase of practice. If you are considering alternatives please contact us – we’re a leading eye care management and acquisition firm based in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado.

      TVCECL is aggressively and exclusively acquiring eye care practices. We are looking for doctors who are no longer interested in the day to day business side of eye care and want to focus on patient care.

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